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Album: '90s Home Recordings

During the 1990s there were several short-run releases of my home recordings and demos and experiments and such. They're all out of print now. This is a collection of some of the favorites, remastered with care.


There are plenty of guest appearances: Karla Schickele, Jan Kotik, Dan Littleton, Matt Sutton, Austin Hughes -- and more.


Woman From Spain, Costume, Those Are The Ones, Our, Stone By Stone, Josh, Raking In The Green, Is It True?, 378, Or Maybe, Chicken Attack, All Men Want Something, Drive Right By, Prance Dance, Fallen Leaves, Timid, Dissolving, CCC, Small Talk, Wake Up


Ways to Listen

You can stream, hear excerpts and/or download the album from all the
major online sources,

but the recommended place is BANDCAMP.

The entire album is available on YouTube, with some active videos and

some passive (cover-art only) videos.

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