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March 9/10, premiere: Sound Song, part of the ongoing project Sciene Fair.

In progress: The Extraordinary Ordinary Lives of Atheists

In progress: an album of piano music w/ Jocelyn Dueck.

New album! A reissue of out-of-print '90s home recordings.

Posted: video of Love & Fallacies, a Nano-Opera.

In progress: The Arcade of Lost Games

Premiere: I Wanted to Be a Book for vocal trio.

A variety of scores are now available for purchase at Jaspercat Music.


Performance: Since 1500 for four sopranos

Premiere: Mischievous Mind

Performance: Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC: songs of science

New album of audio collages: Day Trips.

Performance, Ethical Society of St. Louis. Songs of Science.

Premiere: The History of The Universe (To Scale), part of the ongoing project Sciene Fair.

Segment contributions to Skeptical Connections podcast.

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